Terms and Conditions for Markedsdata

To register with MARKEDSDATA requires that the customer is of legal age.
Charges for telecommunication between the customer and MARKEDSDATA connection point shall be borne by the customer.

Use of customer information
A web subscription with MARKEDSDATA includes automatic registration of the name, address and email in MARKEDSDATA epost nyhedsmailingliste. Customers who do not want such registration must even make MARKEDSDATA alerted either via online registration or setting the table.

A web of MARKEDSDATA provides access to use MARKEDSDATA mail servers. Disk space available to each customer’s mailbox and the number of mails.

Internet pages
The creation of a Web hosting at MARKEDSDATA automatically provides the opportunity to establish an internet site. Generally allows MARKEDSDATA any information that is not contrary to the provisions of the Danish legislation.
MARKEDSDATA is entitled at any time to refer certain content to a location on some of us more closely defined and limited web servers. (A special type of content is, for example pornography). Regular creation happens immediately after MARKEDSDATA has received a declaration from the customer on request for transfer of the domain.

MARKEDSDATA reserves the right to limit / reduce the usage of products due to operational or security reasons.
If this happens, will MARKEDSDATA employees be subject to professional secrecy. All other access to user data requires the acceptance by the customer or a court order.

All products pre-paid monthly. Prepayments are not refundable. Charging for a Web hosting forwarded as a starting point of MARKEDSDATA. For certain types of performance the customer has the option to change the selected performance. On the payment beyond the MARKEDSDATA specified date, MARKEDSDATA right to charge interest on late payments (1.5% of the amount due) and a late fee by sending payment reminder, large kr. 100, – . MARKEDSDATA reserves the right to assign claims to third party in connection with debt collection. By assignment of the claim for collection, after the 3rd reminder, the customer’s hosted simultaneously be decommissioned.
If payment in full has been made, the domain may possibly be reopened for a fee of kr. 250, – excl. VAT.

Special content types
Erotic, pornographic material and illegal material (images or music that is not tainted by a duly ownership rights) shall not be permitted in any of the MARKEDSDATA Web servers. Whether this be images, film clips or even hyperlinks to pictures or similar material.
MARKEDSDATA is in all cases, supremely decisive in cases where special material placed in one or more of the above categories.
Special agreements and other special circumstances should always be arranged directly with the MARKEDSDATA and any applicable agreement can be approved only if there is a
signed, written agreement between MARKEDSDATA and the other party. MARKEDSDATA reserves the right to charge for traffic usage, violation of our terms about certain content and use of MARKEDSDATA hotel and server solutions. MARKEDSDATA will without notice shut down and close Domains / Servers who violate this, the cause of the shutdown will be given directly to the customer.
It should be noted that pre-paid services are not refundable in the event of default of any kind.

Termination of Services
If the customer wishes to terminate the cooperation, it must take place no later than 1 (one) month before the expiry of a contract period. If this does not occur, continue services with the same period of agreement. Termination of service offered in the middle of an agreement period can obviously not take place. Want MARKEDSDATA to close special performance types or special services, the MARKEDSDATA terminate the cooperation with one month’s notice. Prepaid services will in such circumstances be repaid. Makes MARKEDSDATA significant changes that impair the client terms, the customer may terminate the cooperation with one month’s notice. Prepaid service will in such circumstances be repaid.
The services must in no way be used to gain unauthorized access to systems connected to the Internet. Will MARKEDSDATA aware of such activities or other criminal acts, regardless of which country’s laws that underlie A quote will benefit without notice be closed, and all relevant information will be passed on to the Danish authorities to the extent conducted studies under Danish law. MARKEDSDATA will also be
terminate the services without notice, if the customer does not comply with the client terms, is guilty of waste or abuse of the present Internet
resources, disturbs the function, violating the then-current network etiquette, for example, reveals other
people’s private lives or through his behavior bothers other users of the Internet.
Data from homepages and mail systems will be deleted 30 days after the termination of the benefit.
Data, scripts and programs
MARKEDSDATA has free traffic and free access to CGI and other scripts. It is assumed, however, that there are these scripts load on the server than through-cut basis. MARKEDSDATA determine the scripts that provide overloading the server.


Customer’s use of a MARKEDSDATA is in every respect at your own risk.
MARKEDSDATA accepts no responsibility for the contents, accuracy, legality, value etc. the information the customer receives or sends via the Internet. MARKEDSDATA can not be held responsible for loss – either direct or indirect – immaterial violations or other matters arising out of the use of information found on the Internet. MARKEDSDATA can not be held liable for losses or other conditions caused by lack of access to services or information on the Internet. This applies whether the lack of access due to system crashes, other conditions at MARKEDSDATA or force majeure, including strike and lockout. MARKEDSDATA accepts no responsibility for the loss of personal data and installed software, etc. in connection with the customer’s use of the service and the corresponding Appendix. MARKEDSDATA assumes no liability for unauthorized access to customer data and systems. Customer is responsible for any costs incurred in relation to ordering services via the Internet and the use of payment Internet.

Changing customer terms
Customer Terms can of MARKEDSDATA changed with a notice of 30 days. Any disputes or disagreements must be settled in the Danish court.

Slagelse, February 2017